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Subscribing to Online Newspapers

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There is an easier way of getting one’s news online.  This is through subscribing to online newspapers.  Although there are still some which offer their contents for free, most bigger named newspapers now require subscription.

E-newspapers that have printed versions look exactly like their counterparts except that that former is accessed through the computer as compared to the latter which is physically delivered through carrier or same-day mail.  E-newspapers provide instant accessibility to news.  Subscription can be paid for the e-newspaper alone although they are typically bundled for free with the printed version.

There are three main advantages of an e-newspaper over a traditional newspaper. One is the ability to check the links outside the newspaper environment.  In traditional newspapers, this is not at all possible.  The reader either has to find back issues or find other sources to verify certain information.  The text-to-speech option is also available for e-newspapers to provide the option to convert the news into audio format.  Videos when available are also embedded into news articles making the news reading a complete experience.

E-newspapers can either be read directly online or downloaded for reading a t a later time.  Subscription is usually paid through credit card.  The gift subscription option is also available so that the opportunity of reading e-newspapers can also be given to another.  Subscription accounts are easily managed online and does not present any inconvenience to the subscriber.  It can also be easily stopped when the subscriber goes on vacation and resumed upon coming back.  The electronic edition of newspapers is easily subscribed to by international readers in contrast to printed newspapers subscription which are rarely offered  outside their place of publication.

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How Newspaper Stories are Written

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The stories we read on newspapers follow a standard formula in form and content.  Those thinking about contributing stories for newspaper use should be aware that there are certain requirements in order for stories to appear as newspaper-worthy.  These requirements are summed-up with the value and the presentation of the story.

Writing news stories is based on the five “W” and one “H”.  These of course refers to the question of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.  A story must be able to answer these questions to be considered a story that is written in true news style.  In arranging the facts to be included in the story, it is necessary to put the most important ones in the first paragraph for two main reasons.  First is to catch the attention of readers since all the elements that can more or less provide a complete story are found immediately by the readers.  Second is the possibility that an article will be cut short due to space limitations as what usually happens in the news room.  If this happens, then at least a “complete” story has also been provided.

In choosing the topic, stories must either contain current events, stories that appeal to human emotions and interests, or novel ideas.  Because of the limited space, news stories cannot accommodate flowery words that only serve to lengthen the text but does not give out additional information.  News stories are supposed to be factual and not based on personal views and opinions.  There is a separate page for that in a newspaper.

Since the same news stories are expected to be printed in all newspapers, writers should develop a slant, which is essentially giving a fresh view of the news at a specific angle.  Quoting personalities is an interesting way of giving a new twist to a story.  With practice and perseverance, anyone can write a newspaper story.

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Newspapers According to Geographical Scope

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Newspapers can be categorized according to their geographical scope in relation to distribution and contents.  Contents will have to be adjusted to their target market to ensure that they will enjoy readership.  Providing contents that are of no particular interest to the people in a specific geographical scope may prove to be just a waste of time.

A local newspaper is intended to serve a particular region that may be a city or a part of it.  The news contained in this type of newspaper has a local flavour or that which pertains to happenings in the area.  It is expected to find stories about local people, events, and promotions.

A national newspaper has a wider scope than a local newspaper since it is expected to be fit for reading by people of a particular country.  Being national in scope, this type of newspaper must be able to cater to the varying needs and taste for information of people in a country.

International newspapers are simply what their name implies.  They are expected to provide a wider focus in presenting news and stories because of the international market.  It is very seldom that a small story makes it to this level since they tend to be omitted.

International newspapers will have to use the so-called universal language, English to cater to more individuals and groups.  Non-English newspapers are limited by language barrier and thus may be more fitting as a local or national newspaper.  Many newspapers are being printed in various languages to accommodate ethnic

Tips That Will Save You Money

Money is not easy to come by these days. Wherever we look, prices are getting more expensive, companies are closing down and more people are losing their jobs. But you know, improving your financial situation isn’t really that hard. To help you in your penny-pinching efforts, here are some easy tricks to saving money.

Trick #1: Cook your own food

Eating out costs around AU$20 or more, but cooking your own meals would be worth roughly AU$65 to AU$75 per week. And for that amount, your groceries will have more variety than whatever other fast-food place would give you.

Trick #2: Make a shopping list and follow it strictly

Many of our expensive purchases come from impulse buys, and these accumulate over time. So before you go shopping, prepare a list of the things you need and follow it strictly. Keep reading »

The Headline Story


The most effective headline is said to be able to catch the attention of the reader and tell the gist of the story in one single line. Newspaper editors slave over this part of their job on a daily basis because it can make or break newspaper sales for the day. An engaging headline encourages readers to want to learn more while a boring one should make them want to head for another newspaper.

Newspapers are in a competitive business. The competition not only consists of other broadsheet counterparts but also online news and social media platforms. There is more reason to come up with just the exact words that will work because the attention of the public can be stolen by a single to-the-point headline.

Many writers are tempted to allow their witty side to come out in their headlines. It would be alright if such witty words can perform its intended task of catching attention. Otherwise, it would be wise to reserve the wittiness for the content.

In a way, the headline and its accompanying story carries the brunt of the responsibility of making sure that a newspaper establishes instant reader appeal. It has the job of getting readers’ attention who haven’t had the opportunity to determine the relevance of the offered content. There are many cases that a headline effectively gets the public attention without any substantial information related to the title. This should be avoided at all cost since a newspaper can easily get the reputation of baiting readers without having anything to offer.

The headline and its story should work together in consonance. Of course, many so-called newspapers have cemented their popularity through sensational headlines but in the end, it would be the story that would matter. The most in demand newspapers get reader’s attention and sustain it.




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