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Will Google Kill Cable?


I don’t have cable. I don’t even have a TV. I pay a couple of bucks a month for a Netflix subscription, use Pandora, and watch whatever I can find on Hulu.

I don’t find myself lacking for things to watch. Cable, it seems, is not long for this world. Since Google is riding the wave of alternative TV sources, it might just put the nail in the coffin for cable as we know it. Keep reading »

Samsung to sue Apple

Apple may have won the battle, but it hasn’t won the war—-at least this is probably what Samsung is currently thinking. After being ordered by a jury to pay Apple US$1.05 billion in damages for copyright infringement last August, the South Korean smartphone maker decided to fire back by suing Apple for using its Long-Term Evolution patents in the recently announced iPhone 5.

According to a report by The Korea Times, Samsung confirmed that it will “immediately” sue Apple if it releases products that use LTE technology. For the uninitiated, LTE is marketed as 4G LTE, a wireless communication standard that’s faster and more advanced than the current 3G speeds being used in mobile phones today. Keep reading »

Cut Back on Emissions; Save the Polar Bear

polar bearMore and more species are becoming endangered as the years go by.  It probably would not be a surprise if one day, we hear news about the human race being in danger of disappearing because of what we are doing to the environment.  Sometimes, though, we make the most interesting connections.

Take polar bears and data centers, for example.  They have been the focus of some discussion lately.

How so?

Apparently, the extent of global data center service has reached such proportions that this industry is one of the leading contributors to global warming.  Believe it or not, the Information Age has a negative impact on the environment, and polar bears are being used as a focal figure in the awareness campaign.

Obviously, if global temperatures continue to increase, the polar ice caps will melt, leaving those adorable fuzzy white creatures without a home.  If this happens, of course, the bears just might disappear from the face of the earth.

Data centers are not solely to be held responsible for this issue, though.  While it may be tempting to point fingers at a single industry, everyone has his role to play in the matter.  Emissions from vehicles – both private and public alike – are as much to blame.  Daily activities that may seem benign also contribute to the amount of emissions.  Governments must do their part, and so must individuals.

The bottom line is that more is at stake than the polar bear.  Everyone is responsible for saving the earth.  We need to act now or probably suffer negative consequences in the very near future.

$1,000 Phone Sex Bill For An 86-Year-Old Woman

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Sometimes, when people try to pull off a scam, they do not pay much attention to the details, do they? Take this latest scam which borders on the ridiculous. Someone, somewhere out there, stole the identity of a man who has long passed away; created a credit card account in that man’s name, and then managed to charge over a $1,000 in phone sex bills.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, as the case may be – the bill went to the widow of the “card holder.” Arlene Hald, 86 years old, received a credit card bill from Preferred Platinum Plan. The bill was addressed to her husband Sylvester, who passed away about 20 years ago. Hald declares that they never had a credit card.

Naturally, the family took action and contacted Preferred Platinum Plan. To be fair to them, they immediately agreed to “remove the charges.” Then again, there should be no question about that, right? The company was probably still non-existent when Sylvester passed away!

Peggy Rytych, Arlene Hald’s daughter has stated that it was probably a case of ID theft and she may very well be right. While they were satisfied that the phone sex bill incident was taken care of, they had another surprise coming. Not long after that matter was resolved, another bill arrived – this time for $70.

These companies do not seem to get it, do they? I think that it is time for someone to take a closer look into this Preferred Platinum Plan entity. You would think that they were stricter on these things.

Hottest News at the click of a mouse

brainBrain cancer cases are on the rise and the search for a cure is one of the most pressing undertakings of our generation. We have grown by leaps and bounds in our quest to understand the human brain and how it functions but it is still not enough to answer all our questions. Some of the best sources of information might be the most unlikely ones for as individual we are as our fingerprints, so does the manifestation of the disease and the best defense is access to the latest news and developments. Technology has greatly improved our access to information, through our computers, mobiles and portable computers we have with us each and everyday. On the road, we can get the latest information on diseases other news by simply logging into our preferred sites handing us information where ever, whenever you need it. You get the latest news about just about anything, even as you wait in line for the bus. Need the latest news on just about anything anywhere, then the internet is the place to go, so log on and start searching.




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