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Biden’s Puppy Breeder: Once Bitten Twice Shy

biden-puppy1Well, she has not been bitten literally, but boy oh boy, has she been burned in all its figurative sense! When Vice President Joe Biden bought a puppy from Linda Brown in December, she was ecstatic. And why not? It is not everyday that you get to have the Vice President of your country as your customer, right? As Brown said “I thought when Joe Biden bought a puppy from me, what an honor. Out of millions of breeders in the country, in the world, he picked me.”

So what went wrong here? When the word got out about the Bidens buying a puppy from a breeder instead of getting one from a shelter, Brown became the target of pet lovers and animal rights activists. And when we say animal rights, PETA is sure to be close behind. The well known group has grabbed the chance to point fingers at animal breeders; they are saying now that animal shelters have been killed because of animal breeders.

This is only the beginning of Brown’s nightmare. Her kennel has been visited countless times by dog wardens, giving her various citations for things as petty as a piece of kibble on the floor and 5 strands of dog hair. These citations didn’t wash, although Brown has had to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees. According to Brown, both her and the Bidens have received death threats from some animal activists.

Is it just me or is someone overreacting here?

Starting the Day with the Morning Paper

It has been routine to find the morning paper at the doorsteps and bring it in to the house while breakfast meals are being prepared. First thing that people would check out is of course the front page, usually focusing on current events locally and the world. It is important for people to know what is going on in the world today mainly because it affects everyone today. The impact that published news provide is really something that will surely gather various reactions and opinions for current events and issues.
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Crime and Vices Attract the Attention of Readers

Wanted for Crimes

The thing about newspapers is that they need to make catchy headlines about current events to solicit the attention of the people who look towards the paper as a means of information on current events today anywhere. Politics, the economy and current situation of the country are among the top attention-catching headlines that papers would normally get.

The level of attention that people would get from most would largely depend on the area of interest a potential reader would look for. This is not to point towards these current events as stimulating points of interest. Rather it should be considered as a person�s need to be aware of what is going on around him.

In some cases, they are contributing factors as well in decision-making in both personal and professional aspects necessary to ensure the convenient mindset that a person should always be up to date with. People are just to cautious since nothing around them should be taken for granted, especially if it concerns them as a whole.

Crude Oil Prices Continue to Be Unstable

The craving for fuel and oil has been a necessity for the private and industrial consumer. Without this natural resource of oil, a lot of problems are expected to be incurred including that of transportation problems and industrial manufacturing which rely heavily on this resource for aid.

oil price inflation

Oil headlines the newspapers often if there are issues concerning its availability and pricing. The reason behind this is that the whole world is inter-connected with whatever events may transpire. This is how precious this resource is all throughout the world and many people just know this too darn well.

Oil prices have reached insurmountable amounts in 2006 and have slowly been stabilizing as of late. But these events are only deemed temporary considering that forecasts of its scarcity will tilt the market in the coming years. With a growing demand for this much needed resource, oil will always headline newspapers all over the world and hopefully, the fine print would offer something other than issues and problems for the readers.

Checking out the Editorials in Newspapers

Editor at Work

People will always put their focus on the front page which would usually contain the headlines of latest news and current events going on locally and the world. But technically, the editorial section is similar to that of a blog where a person would make entries about certain aspects to which they expound on. Ideally these issues would be in line with the ongoing events since they provide supporting insights on such issues.

Editorial from people will provide the opinions and ideas stemming from references on actual events and facts. They are not placed for the sake of argument of one person only. They cover the negative and positive aspects of such issues and provide further analysis so that people may easily understand the whole essence of the headlines and events.

Also, these editorials are technically chains from past issues and events since they refresh the memory of people who may have forgotten about connections to the current topic at hand. These are the things that have already occurred but have been forgotten. It is through editorials that they can be recalled.




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