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Miss Tennessee is New Miss USA

A 5-foot, 11 inch tall brunette from Tennessee is the new Miss USA. Rachel Smith, a product of Belmont University made the top 15 out of 50 aspiring candidates to succeed controversial Tara Conner. Conner entered rehab after she was found to be engaging in drinking sprees at local taverns in New York. She was actually in danger of losing her crown but was given a second chance by Donald Trump, the co-owner of the pageant with NBC.

Miss USA 2008

Smith, a journalism graduate bested 50 other aspiring candidates for the Miss USA title. She bested fellow candidates Meagan Yvonne Tandy of California; Cara Renee Gorges of Kansas; Helen Salas of Nevada; and Danielle Lacourse of Rhode Island, who was named the first runner-up. Smith was at a loss for words but openly admitted that the shoes left by Conner will surely be challenging. Smith was also a former intern for the production company behind ”The Oprah Winfrey Show”.

Checking out the Fashion Trends Today

Depending on the fancy of people, a lot would depend on what they hear, read or see to stir up their interest on what to wear and what to buy. Lifestyles are varied in nature and it is only normal for people to want to imitate and own certain items or look for services that would usually be in style in any community.


Fashion statements come in the form of wardrobes, shoes, clothes, hair styles, jewelries, accessories and gadgets. While all people are encouraged to find ways in which they can properly represent themselves, fashion statements and styles would need to be analyzed as well.

For one, the possibility of fashion being short-lived is a possibility since fast times would mean fast changes in the area of style. Enhancements and improvements are normal and people would make the necessary adjustments to acquire the desired image they want to project. But for what it is worth, it would be best to stick to a style based on self-satisfaction rather than wanting to be considered going in with the times.

The New Hair Styles and Ideas for the Year

As years change, so does the fashion trends that govern for most of the people today who actively follow the latest styles for their body and clothing from famous personalities that sport them today. While clothes will always be there for the new wardrobe collection that everyone would immediately want to buy, self grooming in the area of following haircut trends and styles have obviously been one of the noticeable marks that people today have followed.

Barber's Republic

Some people may not notice it, but the new hair cut ideas that they have today are somewhat similar to revival of the early days of sporting proper grooming. Long hair, afros and color-dyed hair are spread all over the world in every country, a lot being initiated from what they are seeing today.

Various groups may call them hideous, crazy and inappropriate. But the weight given by people who sport these new looks would not matter. All that is important to them is that they are following the times.

Twin Tragedies in Indonesia

Things couldn’t have been worse for Indonesia. Two events in the news from this part of the world shocked people for simultaneous tragedies, a rarity in this world but heartbreaking as well for loss of human lives without reason.

First was the earthquake which shook the country that claimed 52 lives last March 6, 2007 in Sumatra Islands Jakarta, Indonesia. Then there was the plane crash that followed that killed 23 people of a packed Indonesian jetliner which crashed and erupted in flames. Dozens of people, bloodied and severely injured were the sight that Indonesia had on this faithful day.

Plane Crash Indonesia 2007

Of the two tragedies, it is the plane crash coming from its original destination, Australia which has been put under close investigation, considering that it has now become a trend for commercial jetliners coming in the country. Similar incidents where a jet plunged into sea and killed 102 passengers on New Year’s Day also occurred. The Indonesian government has started to make probes to find out the actual causes and possible relations if any.

Global Warming in Asia

For the past years, the climate has been changing. Initially some people considered the cold climate to fall in the holiday season, something that has been apparent from past years. The warm climate on the other hand would usually set in the summer where people would troop to the beaches and go surfing or swimming.

Global Warming in Asia

However, the change in climate has been mind-boggling. A lot has to be connected with the polluting air which has been known to affect the ozone layers leading to a global warming shift. While people have resorted to various practices to attend to such issues, it is obvious that the efforts have not been enough.

The effects can be seen in the rising case of illnesses and weird weathers during known seasons. Natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes and tsunamis have been coming one after another. Could it be the wrath of nature perhaps? Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, a lot of changes in the natural course of living are sure to be waiting in the wings.




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