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Finally! Anna Nicole Smith is laid to Rest

Controversial as her life may have been, Anna Nicole Smith’s remains need to be peacefully laid down to rest. Perhaps if only her soul could speak, this would be her immediate request.

Anna Nicole Smith Laid to Rest

Weeks have passed since the sudden death of one of the most heralded sex symbol in the world and such has not been a peaceful and systematic one. Allegations and disputes with regards to the left riches, wealth and corpse of the actress-model have been in the news. While such would have been expected from someone who has had a colorful and bumpy life, she was finally given her due respect.

Anna Nicole Smith’s remains were finally laid to rest beside her son in the Bahamas. Curiously, both died from seemingly the same reasons that of which were drugs. While Smith has been linked to using such drugs, a lot of different views have been looked at as well, including that of her lawyer boyfriend who was thrown in the mix for possible foul play. But getting entangled in the web of controversies and the limelight may also have its shortcomings, something that Smith’s boyfriend found out the hard way.

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Checking out the Editorials in Newspapers

Editor at Work

People will always put their focus on the front page which would usually contain the headlines of latest news and current events going on locally and the world. But technically, the editorial section is similar to that of a blog where a person would make entries about certain aspects to which they expound on. Ideally these issues would be in line with the ongoing events since they provide supporting insights on such issues.

Editorial from people will provide the opinions and ideas stemming from references on actual events and facts. They are not placed for the sake of argument of one person only. They cover the negative and positive aspects of such issues and provide further analysis so that people may easily understand the whole essence of the headlines and events.

Also, these editorials are technically chains from past issues and events since they refresh the memory of people who may have forgotten about connections to the current topic at hand. These are the things that have already occurred but have been forgotten. It is through editorials that they can be recalled.

The Perfect Time To Invest in the Stock Market

Stocks may be falling as can be seen over the Internet and the daily newspapers, but then again, these may be signs of opportunities on the rise. For one thing, the downward trend is seen as bad for business and investing, but as we all know, there is no way to go up for all faltering undertakings. This is one thing that stock buying can certainly promise.

Stock Trade and Investments

Stocks are at an all time low lately, and most of the traders are selling them for their owners rather than buying to save any semblance of losses from their initial investments. For present buyers, losses may not be as high, but the possibility of being able to invest at a low price and seeing economies and external factors improve by the day, such an investment would have nothing to lose.

A sudden skyrocket may ensue but from everything that is happening as of late, it is the only wise thing that can be seen, considering that stocks are slowly being disregarded for now.

The Importance of Company and Family

It has been headlining all news rooms and papers. The mummified remains of a man sitting in his home with the television set on were found in New York just recently. Medical experts diagnosed the corpse to be approximately there for over a year but many are wondering how such a thing would happen without anyone including the neighbors, of noticing the presence of the 70 year old blind man.


Some have called it crazy; some would find it hard to believe that a person would be left in the walls of his home dead for over a year with a TV set on. Some are not elaborating on the possibility of other causes of death but based on all reports made, it seems that Vincenzo Ricardo truly died of natural causes.

The various reactions hold one similar gist. It is truly hard to take companionship or family for granted. The case of Ricardo may serve chills to most people. For others, it is about appreciating the importance of family values.

NBA goes to Nevada for Annual All-Star Game

This week marks the weekend for the NBA fans all over the world. A lot of attention will be put on the annual all-star game to be held at Nevada, Las Vegas where the likes of Miami’s Dwayne Wade, Cleveland’s LeBron James, Phoenix’ Steve Nash and Denver’s Carmelo Anthony will take center stage to delight their fans with moves and fantasy match-ups and teams.

2007 NBA All-Star Game in Nevada

Sidelights include that of the all-rookie challenge which was already won by the sophomores starring David Lee of the New York Knicks who was adjudged this years Most Valuable Player (MVP) for scoring 30 points on a perfect 14 of 14 field goal shooting.

Yet to come is that of the much awaited Slam Dunk competition where Lee’s teammate Nate Robinson will defend his crown against 4 other players headed by Gerald Green of the Boston Celtics. The 3-point shootout also features Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki who will defend his title against tough opposition as Washington’s Gilbert Arenas and teammate Jason Terry.

But it will surely be the All-star game that will be closely awaited as the entire world will watch their NBA idols grace the hardwood and put on a show for their millions of fans.




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