Explosions Rock China’s Xinjiang Region, 2 Killed

China Blasts

Beijing — At least two people were killed and several injured as China’s Xinjiang region was hit by a series of deadly explosions on Sunday, the authorities said.

The blasts occurred in multiple locations across Xinjiang, an ethnically sensitive region that has experienced a spate of violent incidents in the recent months. According to the government operated Tianshan news portal, three powerful explosions took place at about 5 p.m. in Luntai County, located in the southwest of the regional capital, Urumqi.

Although the report said the injured were rushed to the hospital, it did not give any information on how many people suffered injuries or what was the cause behind the explosions.

Also on the same day of the explosions, 17 government officials were punished in southern Xinjiang for failing to prevent a lethal attack by a terrorist gang on July 28, which left 37 people dead.

Over 200 people were killed in Xinjiang this year due attacks on civilians and clashes between the security forces and locals. The Chinese Government holds the Muslim Uighur minority group responsible for the trouble brewing in the region. The rights group on the other hand says the Uighurs have been religiously oppressed, leading to a stronger resentment.

The attack in the capital Urumqi in May that left 30 dead and the one at a train station at Kunming in March, in which 29 people were killed, are clear proof that the assaults are only growing with time, and are no longer limited to the region.

As the explosions shook China on Sunday, the country’s supreme court formed and distributed new guidelines pertaining to cases related to terrorism.

According to the new regulations, creating and displaying banners or other materials that showcase religious extremism will be seen as a criminal act. Also, religious insults of any kind could become the base for a criminal conviction.

Korean Crackdown on Sex Industry

Call girl screen

Brothel owners and high-class callgirls will have you believe that their business is all part of doing business in Korea. But as News.com.au recently reported, the South Korean tax office has been cracking down on these types of “sleazy services”, frustrating many local sex industry businesses.

“Last month, the government tax body finally put a number on the excess, reporting through a conservative lawmaker that $1 billion was spent on corporate credit cards on sleazy night-time entertainment in 2013.” (Source)


Make no mistake about it: prostitution is illegal in South Korea. But, as the article reports, executive-level sexual corporate entertainment is “the norm”, a cultural tradition that is tolerated for the most part- and also means many corporate Korean women are left out of important business dealings and deal-making.

While it’s a good thing to see the South Koreans finally begin to crack down on this industry, one wonders what is being done about the recent news reports of Asian women demanding justice for forced prostitution during the Korean war. For more details, see this video on Vietnam comfort women.

According to the Korean Feminist Association, more than a million women in Korea are sex industry workers. It’s supply that meets with a great demand: the government-run Korean Institute of Criminology claims that one out of five men in their 20s purchase sexual services at least four times a month.

Japan-China Relations: Where is it Heading to?

Of all the countries that Japan had conquered in the past and have established friendly relations with later, it is China that has become so hostile in recent years. Many people including journalists are wondering why this is so when the others do not feel so much hatred towards Japan.

Despite its economic cooperation, China and Japan continue to be in conflict over several issues. These cover Japan’s wartime atrocities that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Chinese and claims of ownership of the eight small islands off East China Sea collectively known as Senkaku/Daioyu among others.

Japan-China relations

As tensions remain high between the two nations, their citizens (although not all) have somehow developed an awkward feeling towards each other. The Chinese have been very vocal about their protest for Japan’s wartime crimes while a rise in Japanese nationalism has been noted in recent years with the Japanese doing everything to clarify issues and make amends where needed. Keep reading »

5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Him


Buying gifts for men can be both a lot of fun and a tough challenge. Some guys prefer funky gadgets, others appreciate more classy gifts, and some are just happy to get anything that isn’t tie.

Here’s a list of five items for the men in your life, to at least get you started in the right direction. Keep reading »

Will Google Kill Cable?


I don’t have cable. I don’t even have a TV. I pay a couple of bucks a month for a Netflix subscription, use Pandora, and watch whatever I can find on Hulu.

I don’t find myself lacking for things to watch. Cable, it seems, is not long for this world. Since Google is riding the wave of alternative TV sources, it might just put the nail in the coffin for cable as we know it. Keep reading »




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